Get Vectar - save a tree!

Paperless technology is a must-have addition to any tree-hugger’s ecofriendly atelier!

Print out AR marker

Download the marker page and print it out - just this one page and just this one time. You can reuse it for your future projects.

Open a file in VectAR app

Open an OBJ file with VectAR app and find the marker with your camera. The contents of the file will be traced on top of it.

Trace the lines

Look in your camera and trace the lines in real world using a pen, a pencil, or a fabric marker.

“This is the most revolutionary thing that happened to my drafting process since – ever!



The ability to not print has taken away so much pain and saved so much time that I now love my hobby twice as much.”



Who needs VectAR app?


Use vector references as a base of your next artwork. Portraits, architecture, human figures etc.


Any script is simple and any technique turns out perfect if you've got a virtual sketch.


Forget about printing and taping and cutting and tracing. Draw on your fabric right away.


Got a tech flat for that cardboard box? Plot it right on the cardboard!

Fashion Designers

Download free fashion sketches from our library for your next project.

Industry 4.0

Control measurements, preview designs and plan manufacturing with AR solution.


You are a life saviour! The sheer number of pages I printed before to have my sewing patterns traced, the time I needed! Now I just sew.
My calligraphy became so much better once I started using VectAR! I used to draft with pencil and the traces never left. I use ruler, scripts and frames.
I am a Fashion Design student and i had to print out many patterns for my projects. With VectAR I can finally see the floor of my studio!
Fashion Designer